2015, a hundred years earlier in November, Albert Einstein was composing in Berlin's theory of general relativity, describing the space-time properties of four dimensions that revolutionized physics.

Master Falltini in Paris opened an exhibition of paintings marked by the lure of a newfuturismo of the trans postmodern. Dreams and visions Symbolist imagery, sequential rhythms of canvases for art that becomes emotion, transcribed with the design language of abstract expressionism-synthesist.


A pictorial language outcropping, or internal movement to the fanciful dream of soul emulsions, poetically transcribed into primitivism figural and abstract geometric ... in fourth dimension. Marked by a mystical practice of values ​​of moral sensitivity to measure the human, applied to everyday life. A series of paintings whose basic idea is, precisely, to start with an idealistic frame of a new type, in transit on capitalist society, materialistic, immoral, for a clear idea: the representation of the objective world objects, does not no place in his painting.


And actually, like Kandinsky and Chagall, now he warns that in extreme forms in which the two terms of the issue are placed against each other, in their subjective view of soul, opting for a fast track to an intensity of expression symbol, manage to solve the problems of man and modern society. A metaphor that hides things and secrets ... nondetti visible in the pictorial language, whose poignant meanings of obscurity are fantastically immersed in the visionary dream, as perceptible, and besides led to a spiritual symbolism: to go beyond the reality of appearances.


To be guided in didactic creative choices Falltini, to order a symbol or metaphor for enclosed precious truths, pearls that you do not have to offer for everyone, if not the awakened consciences on the route of the fourth Leonardo-Einsteinian dimension, that of Fletone philosopher and more How many of the modern equation of Maxwell on light and its transmuting power. Therefore, from a distant idea of ​​alchemy Leonardo, to transmit to posterity the human feeling along the high streets of the soul, which Falltini with duct pictorial language looks like transcriber of initiations.

(Gradual expansions and developments of consciousness, each of which reveals the man of our time, a new higher aspect)

Kandinsky said: paintings such as care of the soul! For the critical examination of Falltini say no denial: core cadres, as a cure for materialism, society, customs, work and family policies, the current man, man-centered, individualistic, hyper, egomaniac.


To return to the true value of dignity today feelings, subject to reason. Falltini, Soul Master.



artistic director of the 55th Int'l Venice Biennale 2013

Cultural PoExpoMi 2015 Council of Europe

GRKGalleryParis 2015


"Falltini, an Italian poetic expressive artist who for nearly 40 years has been working on the feelings of the soul, the poetry of life and the fractures of our humanity.


FALLTINI is an explorer and discoverer in painting, innovative in technique, forerunner in writing, he has always been in a strong and expressive pictorial search.

A mirror of the soul of our deep feelings .... ".




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